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Bengali Wedding Elite

We are pleased to inform you that the royal reception has designed an exclusive and compact Package for bengali wedding in Kolkata. It’s a package designed by an extremely experienced Team for bengali wedding in Kolkata who actually wish for an outstanding and something dissimilar from the conventional program. This elite package is absolutely pertinent for anyone Bride OR Groom Wedding. Details are designed below:-

Wedding Venue Selection + Booking for Bengali Wedding in Kolkata :-

In this elite package, we do usually provide a different and exclusive site where guests coming for bengali wedding in Kolkata can stay as well as reach the place comfortably. Site like “Rajbari” / “Elegant Resort” / “Elegent Banquet” etc. Our major focus is to make the program in a condensed way where guests can enjoy the whole program with full of amusement:-


Designing & Decorating + Lighting for Bengali Wedding in Kolkata (Complete) :-

The designing of bengali wedding set in Kolkata should be such that it lends everlasting impact on the invited guests. We work with you to identify a design theme that is personal and unique to you and your celebration. We will produce colour schemes and design boards, search for the perfect accessories and if necessary decorate your venue with hanging decorations, scattering petals, tying ribbons and putting all the finishing touches at one place.


Transportation for Bengali Wedding in Kolkata:-

The journey to your bengali wedding venue in Kolkata will be one of the most memorable of your life, hence you should take care that it should be done with great style. Enter the wedding venue with a splash that the guests would remember for a long time. Choose from an exciting range of transportation options such as a vintage car, a limousine, to a flashy sports car or even a traditional Indian wedding horse for bengali wedding in Kolkata.The Royal Reception will arrange for all your transportation needs. We have excellent tie -ups with car and bus rental companies. We would also arrange for a beautiful ghori along with the band party. For out-of-station weddings or specialized destination weddings, we would take care of all your travel arrangements such as ticket and hotel bookings, providing cars at the railway stations and airports for the entire wedding entourage.


Bengali Wedding PHOTOGRAPHY in Kolkata:-

A skilful professional should be able to produce bengali wedding photography in Kolkata that will express the joy, love and intimacy between a couple more powerfully than even the most carefully written wedding vows. Weddings today are as much a photo opportunity than being just a marriage. In fact the photographer and videographer direct the entire sequence from the start to the finish. Wedding albums are becoming more and more decorative with beautiful borders of various designs and colours. But more than the selection of a right album its imperative to select the right photographer and videographer. # Choosing a quality professional requires patience and research. Skill, creativity and a passion to frame memories and take pictures with class and style is the heart of wedding photography. Ideally, you will find a photographer for your wedding with much experience, credentials, a great portfolio and affordable pricing. An extremely important detail for the couple to look into when planning their special day - from the ceremony all through the reception - is the wedding photography. Since the photographs are what capture the day's events for posterity reasons, it is crucial that the right photographer is chosen and the perfect photos are taken. There are a few factors which the couple should consider when choosing their photographer and thinking about the stylistic elements of the wedding ceremony and reception.


Guest Management & Security Service:-

The Royal Reception can present an unique Guest Management & Security opportunity. Although mostly a happy occasion, we’ve all heard the stories of some unruly relative or irritable guest spoiling it for everyone. Many venues require proper guest management service plus security personnel to manage whole occasion very successfully as well as peacefully Our team understands that clients demand well groomed and customer service driven professionals female staffs to manage all the guest movements. Our company delivers on their expectations by custom fitting for each Reception Management Female staffs for the event. We offer a wedding security service which blends high levels of protection with discretion, just to make sure we don’t steal your thunder on your long awaited day. With highly qualified security officers we will ensure that not only your venue stays secure but we can also carry out other duties to make your day run smoothly such as looking after your guest’s belongings and any gifts too.


Entertainment Program Arrangement for Pre Wedding Celebration

We do usually offer few entertainment stuffs to make the Wedding more and more memorable for Bride Grooms along with all guests. Stuffs like cruise Riding, DJ Arrangement, Crackers show, Live Music etc.


Day 01:


Day 02:


Day 03:


Gala Dinner (Guests size to be confirmed by Clients)

Hi Tea for 50 guests appx

Live Salad Counter : A type of 50 Indian & Continental fresh Salad to be given......


Live Mocktail Counter with Thrilling Fire Show : 25 types to be displayed & will roam....


Live North Indian Chat Stall....


Live Veg + Non Veg Kabab Counter (Chicken : Reshmi, Tikka, Hariali & Tandoori; Veg : Paneer Tikka Kabab ; Fish : Bhetki Kabab)


Fresh Soup with fresh brown bread : Veg & Non Veg (5types Veg & Non Veg)


North Indian Counter (Non Veg & Veg) : Dum Murg Handi Biryani, Mutton Hyderabadi Biryani, Amritshari Nan, Kashmiri Murg Kadai Mutton Changazi, Kadai Paneer, Pindi Chana

The Bengali Stall : Bengali Rice, Bengali Veg Pulao, Mutton Dakbangla, Bhetki Paturi Live, Golda Chingri Malai Curry, Tapse Macher Fry, Chanar Dalna, Dhokar Dalna, Kachkolar Guli Curry, Enchor Chingri, Hilsa Bhap


Chinese Eating House : Live Pasta, Live Noodles (Veg / Non Veg), Garlic/Chilli Chicken or Garlic/Chilli Paneer


Gujrati / Marwari Cuisine : Plain/Masala Dhokla, Mattar Kachoori, Aloodum, Tandoori Roti, Paneer Mattar, Chana Masala, Dahi Gujrati Vada


Honey Dessert : Malai Roll, Choclate Ice Rasogolla, Fruit Cake, Malai Chom Chom, Baked Mihi Dana & Misti Mango dahi


Ice Cream Parlour : Fried Ice Cream, Child Butter Scotch & Tutti Fruti



An accurate Snapshot of Elite Package for Bengali Wedding

An accurate Snapshot of Elite Package for Bengali Wedding

  • Royal Wedding Invitation Card as per choice among 5 samples
  • Invitation Card Distribution outside West Bengal / India through courier if required
  • Venue Selection & Booking
  • Pre Wedding Sangeet / DJ Arrangement
  • Decoration + Lighting + Flower according to wedding theme selection
  • Bride / Groom Make up arrangement for wedding day
  • Photography (Still + Video with Drone)
  • Wedding Ritual Arrangement
  • Room Booking for Stay at the location (Numbers to be decided as per guest size)
  • Royal Wedding Cake (20 pounds)
  • cruise Booking + Dinner Arrangement
  • 10 numbers of Car Arrangement (AC) for the entire wedding Program
  • AC Bus arrangement for House of Bride / Groom
  • Car Arrangement with exclusive decoration for Bride / Groom
  • Service Boy + Girls arrangement for entire wedding program
  • Nahabat Arrangement
  • Tatta Decoration with raw materials.
  • Security Service for wedding Program
  • Catering Service for entire Wedding Program of 3 days